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Blizzard teases new Horde-themed expansion for Hearthstone

Hearthstone, Horde

Blizzard is teasing a new Horde-themed Hearthstone expansion ahead of Blizzconline 2021.


“Quill You Be Ready?” goes the title of Blizzard’s recently-released teaser video, promoting Hearthstone (HS) and Blizzconline.

Blizzard didn’t really have to spell out the theme of this upcoming new HS expansion. The title, the beating drums, and the orcs shouting during the trailer already give everything away. If that’s not enough, then the Horde emblem towards the end should be the last clue you need. Yes, Blizard just teased a Horde-themed expansion coming to HS soon.

However, Blizzard didn’t give much for us to go on with regards to the exact contents of the new HS expansion. Instead, they’re using this hype and interest from long-time Warcraft fans to promote Blizzconline. The online-only convention is Blizzard’s replacement from the traditional Blizzcon, where the company usually gives their biggest announcements. Fans will have to tune in to find out more about this Horde-themed HS expansion.

Blizzard also has a lot of other things to patch up in the near future aside from these content updates. During their most recent major update, battle passes found their way to Hearthstone. Players quickly realized that they were being short-changed, though. Immediately, players showed comparisons between the previous rewards model and the rewards they receive from the battle pass. Issues like this mar the relationship between players and the developers, and anything short of amazing might not be enough to rebuild burnt bridges.

Whatever is the case, many fans will still tune in on this weekend’s Blizzconline. Fans expect announcements from all of Blizzard-Activision’s intellectual properties. This includes Diablo ImmortalDiablo IVOverwatch 2, and World of Warcraft. Check out the full schedule here. The show starts at 2 PM PT on February 19. Hearthstone‘s panel starts at 11:10 PM PT on Friday.