Heat can now apply for insurance to pay for huge portion of Chris Bosh's contract
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Heat can now apply for insurance to pay for huge portion of Chris Bosh’s contract

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The Miami Heat are on the books to pay Chris Bosh $75.9 million before the end of his contract. Bosh, of course, is currently on leave due to having a third stint with blood clot issues.

The Heat have paid his salary in full this season, but are now eligible to apply for insurance to partially pay his salary.

Bosh’s salary is now eligible to be partially paid through insurance because he has not played in 41 consecutive games.

The insurance will pay 80 percent of his salary, leaving the Heat to pay the balance which totals $175,000 – a small sum compared to the whole pot.

The threshold to apply for insurance is 41 missed games, which Bosh completed Saturday when the Heat faced the Washington Wizards.

Bosh will continue to receive his salary from the Heat who will be compensated by the insurance company in return.

Insurance will pay the remainder of Bosh’s contract if he’s out until February 9, which marks a full year since he last played in an NBA game.

General manager Pat Riley stated at the beginning of the season that Bosh’s career is probably over, but Bosh vows to play in the NBA again, even if it’s for another team.

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