A Miami Heat troll decided to give Dwyane Wade a little ribbing in favor of Jimmy Butler. However, the three-time champion replied with a perfect clapback to praise the current Miami star.

The said fan retweeted a clip of Butler giving Bam Adebayo some tough love after the latter missed some free throws. Instead of dapping him up, Butler simply stood at the halfcourt line and stared at Adebayo. The fan was in awe of Butler's attitude, wishing that he was there back when LeBron James and Wade were missing free throws during the duo's stint with the Heat.

But instead of hating on the troll, Wade decided to use the comments to praise Butler instead.

Fans know how supportive Dwyane Wade has been to Jimmy Butler. They were former teammates in Wade's stint with the Chicago Bulls, and the Heat icon got a first-person view of what Butler is all about.

Wade's connections with the Heat run deep as well. It was Miami who spotted and believed in Wade's talent from the get-go, and he rewarded them with three titles and a legacy as one of the greatest ever.

Wade was in a bit of a dilemma when the Heat made it to the NBA Finals and faced his good old Los Angeles Lakers star, LeBron James. Nonetheless, the 13-time All-Star proved his loyalty to his organization by choosing to side with the South Beach franchise.

Though it ended in heartbreak, props to Wade for believing in the Heat when almost no one believed in them.