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Dwyane Wade passionately speaks out after Breonna Taylor decision

Heat, Dwyane Wade, Breonna Taylor

Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade passionately spoke out on Twitter following the Breonna Taylor decision on Wednesday.

The three cops who were involved in Taylor’s killing weren’t charged and Wade is pretty upset about it.

“Dear Breonna, I’m so sorry the people in power have failed to get this right. You deserve so much more. Your life mattered. You deserved the bright future that was ahead of you. We will continue to say your name. We will continue to fight in your name,” the Heat icon said on Twitter.

Wednesday has been an emotional day for the African American community. Dwyane Wade, the best player in Heat franchise history, is longer playing in the NBA, but he’s been active in trying to bring justice to Breonna Taylor and her family.

While Taylor’s family did receive a $12 million settlement, money doesn’t equal justice.

Wade has been trying to balance watching his Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Boston Celtics, while also trying to figure out how he can use his immense voice to instill change in America. The future Hall of Famer is no doubt excited that Miami is playing well at Walt Disney World.

However, at this time, sports certainly must take a back seat with everything that is going on in America.