With the Miami Heat having just one more game left of the regular season, a lot can happen in terms of the seeding placement in the Eastern Conference. Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra along with stars Nikola Jovic and Bam Adebayo talk about where the thought process is on the Eastern Conference standings and if it is on the minds of the players.

Miami is coming off of a dominant win over the Toronto Raptors Friday night, 125-103, which has kept them alive to still have a chance to obtain the fifth and sixth seed and avoid the play-in tournament. However, while once they controlled their own destiny, they don't now as Spoelstra talks about controlling what only they can which is living “in the present moment.”

“Just live in the present moment. We have a lot to work on just with us,” Spoelstra said. “So, I think that's actually a good thing. You know, just to focus on our games and focus on playing well and playing for each other, doing things that we know lead to winning and this was a step for sure.”

Nikola Jovic, Bam Adebayo not talking about Heat in the standings

It was a collective effort in the victory over the Raptors where the first half set the tone as Miami was playing to their strengths, but it was another showcase for 20-year old star Nikola Jovic who led the team with 22 points and five rebounds. He would admit after the game that the Heat locker room is “not talking” about the different scenarios for the team in terms of playoff position.

“We’re not talking a lot about it,” Jovic said if him and his teammates are talking about their possible pathways in the postseason. “I feel like you just got to go day by day. We got to keep working on our game and not worry about who’s going to be the opponent until we know who it is. It was important to win this one [Friday] and the next one [Sunday], for sure. Then whatever happens happens.”

All the team is going to focus on is getting one more victory in the win column Sunday afternoon when they will have a rematch against the Raptors. The sentiment was echoed by star Bam Adebayo who finished with 19 points and six rebounds where after jokingly telling a reporter that he brought the mood down after the win, they are “going to take it one game at a time.”

“We’re just going to take it one game at a time,” Adebayo said. “We’re going to play Sunday and then we’ll figure out the rest.”

Spoelstra talking the importance of dominant win over the Raptors

A win like Friday was absolutely necessary as they were coming off of a disappointing performance against the Dallas Mavericks the game prior. Spoelstra said to ClutchPoints after the game that he wasn't surprised to see his team bounce back and that you have to “just deal with what's right in front of you.”

“Yes, and you just deal with what's right in front of you,” Spoelstra said if the Heat's win is what the doctor ordered. “So we're going to rest up and get ready for Sunday, but it was it was good to come after off of a disappointing loss and come together. And as soon as I saw everybody in the gym this morning for the shoot-around, I was encouraged as the head coach, but I wasn't surprised either. This is a high character group and a very competitive group, a group that really cares. Sometimes we do things that all of us, including myself, that fall short, but it's not for a matter of not wanting or caring. We can always deal with this. So we're going to continue to work to figure this out.”

Spoelstra said he's focused on Heat

The thought of Spoelstra focusing on his team rather than the other squads in the Eastern Conference has always been a priority, even if their postseason placement depends on it. He even stressed that to the media before Friday's thrashing of the Raptors that he only cares about the team playing to their identity.

“I’m focused on my team,” Spoelstra said, with the Heat dropping three of its last five games before routing the struggling Raptors on Friday. “All I’m focused on is we get to a place where we’re connected and playing for each other and playing a spirited game where it’s to our identity. That’s all I care about right now. Because when we get to that, we feel like we can beat anybody anywhere anytime.”

They did just that as in the aforementioned first half of Friday night's game, they had 32 points in the paint shooting on a 16 for 21 clip. Plus, they were playing the definition of team basketball as they recorded 21 assists on 25 made shots in the first 24 minutes of the contest.

Heat's postseason scenarios including avoiding the play-in tournament

What Miami can control is beating the Raptors again Sunday, but to avoid the play-in and get the sixth seed, they will have to rely on the following: Orlando Magic losing to the Milwaukee Bucks and either the Indiana Pacers losing to the Atlanta Hawks or the Philadelphia 76ers losing to the Brooklyn Nets.

There is also a chance, albeit a small one, they can obtain the fifth seed and they would need all three instances plus winning Sunday. According to Basketball Reference's Playoff Probabilities Report, the Heat have a 3.6 percent chance to get fifth and 16.3 percent chance to get sixth.

These different scenarios don't even take into account about where the Heat can end up in the play-in tourney. They are currently eighth in the Eastern Conference which means they would not host a game unless they can get to seventh and either host the 76ers, the Magic, or someone else.

Even with one game left in the season, it is extraordinary that there is still so many possibilities. Either way, the goal for the Heat is to just win Sunday and hope for the best.