The Miami Heat's pursuit of Damian Lillard this offseason came up short, as the star point guard ended up being dealt to one of the Heat's top rivals in the Milwaukee Bucks. Miami fans aren't too thrilled with the deal, and Jimmy Butler is right there with them. However, the reason why Butler apparently doesn't like the trade is probably way different than everyone else's reason.

With the trade, Lillard will now be playing for the Bucks' new head coach Adrian Griffin. Griffin has enjoyed successful stints with several teams as an assistant coach, with one of those squads being the Chicago Bulls, who also had an up-and-coming Butler on their roster at the time too. With that in mind, Butler revealed the only reason he's upset that Lillard landed with the Bucks is because he doesn't like their head coach in Griffin.

This is a pretty confusing revelation from Jimmy Butler because when he's discussed Griffin previously, he's spoken glowingly of his former coach. Butler has also been joking around quite a bit during the early stages of training camp, so this certainly wouldn't be an out-of-character move for him. But Butler doesn't seem like he's joking when he says it, so who knows what's really up here.

Maybe there's some beef simmering between these two that we don't know about, but there's a decent chance that Butler is simply joking here. Either way, the Heat and Bucks' first matchup this upcoming season is going to be extremely entertaining, and maybe Jimmy Butler just added a bit more intrigue to the matchup with these comments.