Heat rumors: Miami looking to move Tyler Johnson's contract this summer
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REPORT: Miami Heat looking to move Tyler Johnson’s contract this summer


The Miami Heat could be looking to unload some of their guard depth at the end of this summer, and among them is the struggling Tyler Johnson, who has proved streaky through what was hoped to be a breakout season.

As Dion Waiters is expected back next season and with other players as Josh Richardson carving pivotal roles with the team, the franchise could look to part ways with the Bay Area native in the relative near future, according to Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald — but it won’t be that easy.

“The expectation is that the Heat will explore moving the final two years of Tyler Johnson’s contract as early as this summer, but the backloaded nature of his deal isn’t the only reason that it will be difficult to achieve,” wrote Jackson.

“In addition to making $19.2 million both next season and in 2019-20 (the final two years of his contract), Johnson confirmed he also has a 15 percent salary bonus if he’s traded.”

The Heat could pay a steep price if they choose to part ways with the Fresno product, but with four of their six guards already signed past this upcoming season — it could prove ultimately necessary.

Johnson made only $5.6 million last season and is currently making $5.9 million, but the 6-foot-4 hybrid guard is slated to hit the bank hard in the next two seasons, making $18.9 and $19.6 million respectively — more than triple his current salary.

A trade kicker would be worth an extra $3.2 million if he’s traded this summer, which would put the annual cap hit at more than $20 million for whichever team chooses to trade for him.