Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban recently appeared on SiriusXM Radio and was asked about trading for Kyrie Irving and signing him long-term.

“Oh yeah, otherwise why would we do it?” Mark Cuban said on SiriusXM, when asked if the plan when trading for Kyrie Irving was to sign him long-term.

Cuban went on to say that Irving is a misunderstood person.

“Kyrie just loves basketball and loves going to games, so no, I wasn't concerned about that, but we traded for him because we wanted him to be a long-term piece,” Cuban said on SiriusXM. “I think Kyrie's just misunderstood. Everybody sees all the noise and everything around him, but when you actually talk to him, I like him. He's open, he's smart, he's always looking to learn things, and to me he's an interesting guy that's just misunderstood.”

Cuban was asked about why he believes there will not be a repeat of what happened with the Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets with the Mavericks.

“It's interesting, when I would watch Kyrie before he came to the Mavs, I didn't pay enough attention to his relationship with other players,” Cuban said on SiriusXM. “Then when he came to us after the trade, it was inevitable, after every game, there were multiple players walking up and hugging him. Not just giving him a high five, but like a real, honest to goodness, I like you hug. And when you talk to players around them, they would say the same thing.”

Although it ended bad with the Celtics and Nets, it is clear that Cuban believes it will work out with the Mavericks.