Zachery Ty Bryan from Home Improvement was arrested for an alleged DUI.

He was booked by the La Quinta police early on Saturday morning for driving under the influence with three or more priors, TMZ reports.  He was also brought in for contempt of court.

Bryan is known for starring as Brad Taylor on the ABC sitcom Home Improvement. The series ran from 1991 to 1999 and starred Tim Allen, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Taran Noah Smith, and Patricia Richardson. Additionally, Pamela Anderson had an early role on the show as Tool Time Girl.

Zachery Ty Bryan's latest arrest

As for this arrest, the La Quinta Sheriff's Department told TMZ that they conducted a traffic stop after 2 AM. This stems from the vehicle Bryan was driving, which was suspected to be in a traffic collision from an earlier incident.

After speaking with the actor, he showed signs of impairment, which led to the officers taking him in.

A year ago, the Home Improvement actor was arrested for a dispute between a male and a female. Officers were called out, but the actor fled the scene. He was found and arrested for felony assault in violation of the Abuse Prevention Act. Ultimately, he pled guilty and served seven days in jail.

Before this, he was arrested in 2020 for strangling his ex-girlfriend. In this incident, he pled guilty to menacing and assaulting in the fourth degree.

This is quite the contrast from the squeaky-clean character he played on the popular '90s show. Hopefully, Zachery Ty Bryan gets it together and does something productive, like trying to resurrect his acting career.