Huohuo is an upcoming playable character to Honkai Star Rail. Check out the Huohuo leaks here, including her Skills, Traces, and more.

Huohuo was recently officially revealed as a playable character, which you can read about here.

Honkai Star Rail – Huohuo Leaks

Note that the information below does not come from an official source and may not represent Huohuo exactly upon her release. The descriptions were also translated into English, which may cause the proper names of effects and abilities to differ from the eventual official version. Details below are subject to changes.

There are multiple versions of Huohuo that are circulating in the community. Her kit has been floating around as early as a month ago, and the version below is the latest iteration of her that we can find. Still, it's still a long way until she's officially revealed, so take the information below with a grain of salt.


Despite her lack of presence in the live game, much is already known about Huohuo.

“She is part of the Commission of the Ten Lords of Xianzhou Luofu. She is a small fox possessed by Suiyang. Cowardly, weak, and afraid of all sorts of strange things, but tasked with eliminating demons.”

Huohuo is a 5-star Wind character following the Path of Abundance. Her skills revolve around restoring HP as well as Energy to her party members.

Normal Attack 

Deals ?% of Huohou's ATK as Wind DMG to a target enemy.

Skill – Soul Talisman: Life-saving Protection

Restores HP to a single ally based on ?% + ? of Huohuo's ATK and ?% + ? of Huohuo's ATK for the rest of the party members.

Ultimate – Tail: Exorcising Ghosts and Summoning Spirits

Restores Energy for all party members except for Huohuo herself based on ?% of their Energy cost, and increases all party members' ATK by ?% for ? turns.

Talent – Attachment: Qi Channels Open to the Heavens

After casting a Skill, Huohuo obtains the Lives of the Sacrifice effect.

When Huohuo has Lives of the Sacrifice, all party members will restore HP based on Huohuo's ATK at the start of each turn, lasting for ? turns.

After casting Ultimate, Huohuo obtains the Spiritual Experience effect.

When Huohuo has Spiritual Experience, all party members will restore Energy based on ?% of their Energy cost at the start of each turn, lasting for ? turns.

Technique – Fierce Demon: Oppressing and Subduing Evil Spirits

Huohuo intimidates the surrounding enemies, causing them to fall into the Psionic Dispersion state. Enemies affected by the Psionic Dispersion effect will flee away to the opposite direction from Huohuo for ? seconds. When an enemy affected by the Psionic Dispersion effect joins the battle, they have a ?% chance of getting a ?% ATK reduction for ? turns.



  • If there is a character from the Erudition Path in the party, Huohuo's Energy Regeneration Rate is increased by ?%.


  • Casting Huohuo's Ultimate increases her own ATK by an additional ?%.


  • At the start of a battle, immediately restore ? Energy.

Light Cone

Her signature Light Cone provides bonus Energy Regeneration to the holder, and when the character equipping it heals a character, the healed party member is given an ATK buff.

Huohuo will be playable on Honkai Star Rail Version 1.5.