Caitlin Clark has received a lot of praise (and criticism) over her first month in the WNBA. As one of the most decorated college athletes of all time, many speculated over whether Clark's talents were good enough to make the NBA. Ice Cube even offered her a $5 million contract to play ten games for his BIG 3 league which features mostly retired NBA players.

For now, she's a member of the Indiana Fever. But thanks to AI, we can explore the possibility of Clark playing in any league we like. In this scenario, we simulated how Clark's career would pan out if she played in the NCAA men's basketball tournament and the NBA.

Caitlin Clark's stats if she played in the men's NCAA tournament

The first simulation performed was Clark's performance in men's division one basketball. Despite her small stature, AI predicts that Clark's skill set would be more than enough. She'd rely mostly on her vision and shooting to stay productive, but her problem lies in her ability on defense. Stats-wise, the best-case scenario for Clark per AI is that she'd average around 10 to 15 points a season assuming two factors. One, she'd still be a focal point on offense, and two, that she would eventually have no problems adapting to the physicality and speed of the game.

For her other stats, AI predicts she'd average around 4 to 6 assists and 3 to 4 rebounds per game. Definitely a fall from grace compared to her 31 points, 7.6 rebounds, and 8.9 assists at Iowa, but respectable nonetheless.

Could Caitlin Clark make the NBA?

Indiana Fever guard Caitlin Clark (22) rushes up the court against Washington Mystics guard Karlie Samuelson (44)
Mandatory Credit: Brett Phelps-USA TODAY NETWORK

When you factor in Clark's college stats that AI predicted earlier, and the number of players in college and overseas that try to make the NBA each season, Clark's odds of making an NBA roster would be low. Even AI couldn't make a definite prediction on whether she could make the NBA.

After a couple of tweaks in the command, AI finally generated Clark's stats if she'd make an NBA team. She'd average between 5 to 8 points, 2 to 4 assists, and 2 rebounds a game. Her shooting splits would be between 40 to 45 percent from the field and 35 to 40 percent from three-point range while playing about 10-20 minutes a game.

In comparison to her current stats and usage rate in the WNBA, safe to say Clark's best outcome in the NBA is as a role player.

Caitlin Clark's rookie season stats in the WNBA

Shifting to a more realistic scenario, the last simulation was predicting Clark's stats during her rookie season. After 15 games, Clark's stats are the following: 16.3 PPG, 5.5 RPG, 6.2 APG, and 39 FG%.

AI's take actually isn't that far off. By the end of this season, Clark should average between 12 to 16 points, 4 to 6 assists, and 3 to 5 rebounds.

Transitioning from women's college basketball to the NBA would undoubtedly present challenges for Clark. Aside from the physical differences and increased level of competition, Clark would have to get used to being the second or third option on offense, which is something she hasn't done her entire career.

Whether she remains a dominant force in women's basketball remains to be seen, but you can guarantee one thing: the whole world will be carefully watching her every move.