NBA 2K24's latest Invincible set in MyTEAM features countless legends donning their team USA attire. Some of the players in this set include Tim Duncan, Damian Lillard, and more. These player items come with no weaknesses, and can be earned in a variety of ways outside the Pack Market. From new Agendas to Season rewards, we'll show you how you can get some of these player items for free in NBA 2K24.

All NBA 2K24 MyTEAM Invincible Player Items & How To Get Them

Here's how you can unlock the Invincible Team USA Player Items in NBA 2K24:

  • Invincible DeMar DeRozan – Compete one of the categories below
    • Unlimited – 5,000 Season Points
    • Clutch Time – 50 Wins
    • Clutch Time Online – 50 Wins
    • Triple Threat – 100 Wins
    • Triple Threat Online – 50 Wins
    • Triple Threat Online: Co-Op – 50 Wins
  • Invincible Tim Duncan – Compete one of the categories below
    • Unlimited – 20,000 Season Points
    • Clutch Time – 400 Wins
    • Clutch Time Online – 300 Wins
    • Triple Threat – 800 Wins
    • Triple Threat Online – 350 Wins
    • Triple Threat Online: Co-Op – 400 Wins
  • Invincible Mitch Richmond
    • Earn 2,000 Points in Salary Cap
  • Invincible Penny Hardaway
    • Earn the Season 8 Salary Cap Ultimate Reward
  • Invincible Damian Lillard
    • Reach the top of the Ascension Board
  • Invincible Chris Bosh
    • Win 20 games of Unlimited before August 9th, 2024
  • Invincible Richard Jefferson
    • Win 100 Games of Triple Threat before August 26th, 2024
  • Invincible Kevin Garnett
    • Win 50 Games of Clutch Time Online before August 26th, 2024

All Invincible TEAM USA Special Inserts:

  • Joel Embiid
  • LeBron James
  • Devin Booker
  • Stephen Curry
  • Jrue Holiday
  • Anthony Davis
  • Tyrese Haliburton

Overall, that includes all current methods of unlocking the NBA 2K24 Invincible player items for free in MyTEAM. We wish you the best of luck, because these challenges will certainly take time to complete. For example, trying to earn a free Tim Duncan without playing online will require at least 400 wins in Clutch Time. And it's double that number if you prefer to do Triple Threat.

The theme of this set, if it isn't obvious enough, is dedicated to NBA players who've also played on Team USA. In fact, even the season 8 rewards include several Team USA themed items. MyCAREER players can earn a new Team USA Outfit at level 15, as well as six new Team USA Jerseys at Level 35 of the season Pass. And it all lines up perfectly, as we celebrate the 4th of July in less than a week.

Obviously, this challenge is mostly for those players who genuinely want to unlock every player item in the game. However, we completely understand those not even wanting to touch this challenge. After all, there's plenty of other rewards you can earn for free, and at a much faster rate. In fact, Season 8 comes with 80 total free earnable rewards for MyTEAM and MyCAREER players. Furthermore, you only need to play one mode to earn rewards for both, so you can just play the modes you love.

Lastly, for more NBA 2K content, keep an eye out for new, redeemable locker codes. Furthermore, make sure to watch the final episode of 2KTV to receive some much needed VC.

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