Gon, Killua, and the rest of the Hunter x Hunter gang are getting a standalone fighting game. Eighting and Bushiroad bring us Hunter x Hunter: Nen x Impact, which will make its debut in EVO Japan 2024. Attendees of the event will have access to the demo version of the game and will get a first look at what the new fighting game has in store.

Bushiroad announced that a Hunter x Hunter fighting game was in development at Jump Festa 2024 which took place last December 2023. Eighting took over the project as the game’s developer. Fans of the franchise should be excited as the developers have significant experience in the fighting game scene. Eighting is known for its projects like Karmen Rider: Climax Fighters and a couple of Marvel vs Capcom games.

Hunter x Hunter Nen x Impact – Gameplay Details

Hunter X Hunter Teaser Trailer

As of this writing, there aren’t too many details regarding Hunter x Hunter: Nen x Impact. What’s known about the game so far is that it’s likely going to be a 3v3 fighting game. The game’s teaser trailer showed the team of Gon, Chairman Netero, and Leorio going up against Killua, Hisoka, and Kurapika. Based on that alone, we can only assume that it’ll be a team-based fighting game. However, we’ll have to wait until EVO Japan 2024 for official gameplay.

During the game’s demo session this coming April 27 – 29, 2024, players will have access to all six characters in the teaser trailer. From the looks of it, fans can expect a 2D fighting game based on the trailer.

It’s a blur whether or not Eighting and Bushiroad will make any further announcements regarding its release date at the event. So far only the platforms the game is going to launch on was made public. These platforms include the PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

Other Demos to Expect at EVO Japan 2024

Riot Games’ upcoming fighting game known as 2XKO is also making its debut at EVO Japan 2024. Similar to Hunter x Hunter: Nen x Impact, Riot’s fighting game is a 2D fighting game that focuses on team-based combat through the use of a tag system. Despite already announcing a total of seven characters, the demo build of the game will feature only five. These characters are namely Ahri, Darius, Ekko, Illaoi, and Yasuo. Jinx and Katarina won’t be playable in the meantime.

When queuing for the game, the developers encourage players to bring a friend when testing the game. Given its tag combat feature, both players will have the time to shine against their adversaries. Otherwise, 2XKO is single-player friendly having one player take control of two characters during matches.

As of the moment, there no announcements of other fighting game demos coming to EVO Japan 2024. However, there’s a small chance that other developers could introduce new games to fans of the genre. For now, fans should look forward to playing Hunter x Hunter: Nen x Impact and 2XKO at the event.

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