With EVO Japan 2024 rapidly approaching, Riot Games is giving its fans a treat with Illaoi coming to 2XKO. The Kraken Priestess enters the fray as she joins the current roster of six playable characters in the game. The developers recently announced that their highly anticipated fighting game is coming to EVO Japan for players to test out. The demo build of the game will not only feature Illaoi but will also have Ahri, Darius, Ekko, and Yasuo. While Jinx and Katarina are already part of the roster, they won’t be playable in the demo.

As of this writing, there isn’t a list of moves or combos for Illaoi yet. However, based on Riot’s reveal video, fans can more or less expect the Priestess to make use of her Heart of the Goddess to spawn Kraken tentacles and smash her opponents to victory.

Illaoi 2XKO Gameplay Teaser

Other Expectations Aside From Illaoi’s Debut

Since Riot Games’ announcement of 2XKO (formerly known as Project L) in 2021, fans were already itching to get their hands on the fighting game. Thankfully, players attending EVO Japan 2024 will have the opportunity to play the demo version of the game. Having that said, what exactly can fans expect from the demo?

As mentioned earlier, there will be five playable characters including the debut of the Kraken Priestess Illaoi. While the demo is meant for players to simply test the game out, it’s surely going to get ruthless especially having the game in a competitive environment such as EVO. With that in mind, some players attending the event might want to get a head start over their adversaries. Here’s everything you need to know about each character in the game.


Players looking for a fighter who can both do battle from close and mid-range might want to give Ahri a go. Similarly to her abilities in League of Legends, the Nine-Tailed Fox utilizes three magical orbs known as Foxfire. These orbs can be thrown at opponents anytime, however, there’s a catch. Ahri is limited to three charges, meaning to say after using all three orbs, players will need to recharge. They can only do so if Ahri stands still. Ideally, players need to knock their opponents down before recharging. This gives them an opening to regain at least one or two orbs.

Aside from simply throwing her orbs, Ahri can use her Foxfire charges for other mid-ranged attacks. While she can throw hands in close combat, using her mid-ranged projectiles is a perfect way to keep distance especially if your health bar is running low.


Similar to his role in League of Legends, Darius is the most tanky character in 2XKO so far. He isn’t difficult to knockdown per se, but he has a super armor ability which makes him a slightly tougher matchup for a short period. On top of that, the Noxus Commander hits his opponents hard with his signature battle axe. The combat damage he deals to adversaries hurts a lot, especially considering how he can wound his foes causing them to bleed.


Ekko is a tricky matchup among the current roster. While considered the simplest due to having only three special abilities, he can easily slither away from danger thanks to his rewinding ability. Ekko has a mix of close and mid-range attacks but isn’t as versatile as Ahri. He has one projectile move that allows him to slow his enemies down, giving him an opening to hit a combo on them. For those looking for a character who can juke their opponents, Ekko might be the perfect fit.


Out of all the characters in 2KXO so far, Yasuo might be the trickiest to use. He has a broader moveset among the first three characters. However, given the high skill ceiling he has, he can reward players for their mastery. Yasuo is the quickest character among them all and is flexible when hitting combos. Players can decide whether to stop a combo at practically any moment during combat. This allows them to switch things up according to the current situation of the battle.


As of the moment, Riot Games is yet to reveal Illaoi’s moveset. Attendees of EVO Japan 2024 are fortunate to get a head start in character knowledge as the Kraken Priestess will be available to play as in the demo.

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