Indiana football recently cut ties with head coach Tom Allen and is now seeking a new coach for their team. Several candidates are speculated to at least be interviewed for the job. However, former NFL head coach Jon Gruden is somehow considered a “wild card candidate.”

As it turns out, Gruden has some ties with the Indiana football program, per Bruce Feldman of The Athletic. Additionally, reports suggest the former Super Bowl-winning coach has some interest in the job as well. The Hoosiers will conduct a thorough search, but “one major wild card candidate that could get involved in the search is former NFL coach Jon Gruden.”

“The 60-year-old Gruden, who won a Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 39, does have some support with a few key people high up at the school, I’ve been told. Gruden has connections to the school, too; he visits Bloomington fairly often. His father, Jim, was a coach at Indiana on Lee Corso’s staff in the 1970s. Word is that Gruden does have some interest in the job. Whether the Indiana administration would have the appetite for a move like this, though, remains to be seen.”

Last time we saw Jon Gruden he was let go by the Las Vegas Raiders in 2021 after the NFL's investigation on the Washington Commanders led to them finding some of his old emails. He has not been a head coach since that incident.

We'll see if Indiana football chooses to replace Tom Allen with Jon Gruden, or not. There are plenty of strong candidates available and the Hoosiers don't have to rush into anything at the moment.

Look for Indiana to begin its interview process relatively soon. With the regular season wrapped up, the Hoosiers will be focusing on the offseason right away.