Yassine Chueko, the bodyguard entrusted with protecting football legend Lionel Messi, has been in the spotlight after an adult content creation website offered him an extraordinary offer worth $25,000. The former US soldier, known for his vigilant security work during Inter Miami games, was approached to become the site's ‘Martial Arts Ambassador,' a role that included tutorials on self-defense and sharing glimpses of his life with Messi.

In a letter addressed to Chueko, the adult website's Vice President, Mike Ford, acknowledged the bodyguard's viral fame, particularly for his sprinting feats along the touchline during Inter Miami matches. The proposal outlined that Chueko would serve as the ‘Martial Arts Ambassador,' offering martial arts tutorials to educate users and content creators about self-defense. Additionally, he would post training videos, flexing, and provide insights into his daily life with Messi.

The offer extended beyond the initial $25,000, with Chueko having the opportunity to earn more through ‘selling content, performing custom requests, or providing 1:1 consultations via video calls.' Chueko's rapid rise to fame began when he intervened to stop a pitch invader during a Vice City game, ensuring Inter Miami man's safety on the field.

The bodyguard's extraordinary background as a former US Navy Seal, with experience in Iraq and Afghanistan, combined with his martial arts expertise, including taekwondo, boxing, and MMA, has made him a sought-after figure in football security. Chueko's unique journey from a military career to guarding one of football's greatest icons has captivated fans worldwide, elevating him to an unexpected level of fame.