It has been quite a summer for Los Angeles Lakers guard Austin Reaves. First, he had a breakout run in the NBA playoffs, helping catapult the Lakers to their best finish since winning it all in 2020. Then he proved himself meme-worthy with his amusing postgame rockstar hair. Now he's being romantically linked to a pop star. And it's not just any pop star. It's the hottest performing artist on the planet right now, none other than Taylor Swift!

No wonder he oozed with swag as Reaves shouted, “I'm him!” in his epic takedown of the Memphis Grizzlies. Although he might need to adjust those lyrics slightly to “It me, hi, I'm him, it's me!” if these Taylor rumors are true.

Follow her swift romance with The 1975 lead singer and occasionally filter-less provocateur Matty Healy, the Eras Tour superstar is suddenly being linked to Reaves after they were allegedly spotted together at a bar in Arkansas. If the rumors prove true, Taylor Swift will be the best thing found at a bar in Arkansas since… ever.

The whole thing proved amusing to Austin Reaves' brother Spencer Reaves. He added fuel to the fire with his laughing emoji Twitter reaction to another article reporting on the dating rumor.

It's unclear if Spencer finds the theory laughable, or if it's an involuntary jealous older brother reaction to first seeing your little bro excel in the NBA playoffs while you're playing in Europe and then finding out he's dating the hottest pop star on Earth.

Whether it's true or not, just to be rumored to be dating Taylor Swift is an honor in and of itself. Either way, after an impressive finish to his second season with the Lakers, Austin Reaves appears to be winning the offseason as well.