Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's relationship is under the spotlight as reports suggest that Swift is implementing certain rules to shape their public image, especially following Kelce's drunken behavior at the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl 2024 victory parade, TheNews reports.

According to insiders, Swift is taking charge of how they present themselves to the public, given her meticulously crafted image. As the relationship progresses, Swift reportedly feels comfortable setting rules for Kelce to follow, with the NFL player seemingly onboard with most of them.

One of the rules reportedly imposed by Swift is Kelce's abstention from visiting adult entertainment venues, including strip clubs. Additionally, Taylor Swift allegedly doesn't want Kelce posing for photographs with female fans to avoid potential misleading headlines. While Kelce may have rolled his eyes at some restrictions, sources indicate that he appreciates Swift's guidance in navigating their public relationship.

Kelce's past behavior, including wearing a Las Vegas strip club's T-shirt to a football game and his involvement in adult entertainment discussions on his podcast, suggests a departure from Swift's desired image. However, Kelce appears willing to adapt to Swift's standards as their relationship progresses.

Reportedly, Swift also insists on frequent FaceTime calls rather than texts when they're apart, indicating her desire for reassurance and connection. Sources claim that Swift's influence extends to Kelce's wardrobe choices, framing it as an evolution rather than a complete transformation.

While Kelce's catchphrase, “You gotta Fight for your right to party!,” contrasts with Swift's image, reports suggest that he is aligning with her preferences to maintain a cleaner public image. Despite potential differences, insiders believe that Swift's rules may foster growth in their relationship and positively impact Kelce's career trajectory.