The Deshaun Watson hearing took an interesting twist when the NFL filed its appeal on the six-game suspension recommended by Judge Sue Robinson. Commissioner Roger Goodell and the league are reportedly seeking at least a year's suspension for Watson. As they mull over the possibilities and how to move forward, the attorney representing the women who accused Watson of sexual assault, Tony Buzbee, had something to say to Goodell. Here's what Buzbee said, per Aaron Wilson on Twitter.

Tony Buzbee directly posed a question to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, asking him what he's going to do. The attorney also said that “it's never too late to do the right thing.”

It seems that Goodell is at least on the path towards doing the right thing, having filed the appeal for Deshaun Watson's suspension. That at least seems to indirectly show that the league isn't pleased with the punishment for the Cleveland Browns star.

But Buzbee is looking for more than just a punishment. He feels it's bigger than just the Watson cases.

The attorney said that “every victim of sexual assault is watching the NFL and Roger Goodell.” It's clear that Buzbee is keeping the pressure on Goodell and the league in the hopes that they'll push for a firmer punishment for Watson.

As for the appeal itself, Goodell is reportedly seeking a third-party to oversee it. The decision of the appointed third party on Deshaun Watson's suspension will be final.

It will obviously be one of the biggest decisions in the league's history. Tony Buzbee will surely be watching.