Jaguars news: Doug Marone confirms Nick Foles as starting QB after Week 10 bye
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Doug Marone confirms Nick Foles as the Jaguars’ starting QB after Week 10 bye

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The Jacksonville Jaguars signed quarterback Nick Foles to a pretty lucrative deal this offseason. Due to that, he was the obvious starter heading into 2019. Things started off really well for him too.

In the first game of the year, Foles started 5-for-8 with 75 yards and a touchdown. However, that positivity was very brief. Foles fractured his collarbone and had to leave the game.

That’s when rookie Gardner Minshew stepped in and Minshew mania began. Minshew finished that first game going 22-for-25 with 275 yards and two touchdown passes (one interception).

He was named the starter for the foreseeable future as Foles was out indefinitely.

Minshew was phenomenal. After that first loss, he led the Jaguars to a 4-4 record with him as a starter. Now 4-5 heading into their bye week, they faced a decision.

Foles is returning for the IR and head coach Doug Marone has announced that Foles will be the starter once again.

This definitely has nothing to do with Minshew’s play. Through the first nine games, he has a 61.2 completion percentage and 2,285 yards. He also has 13 touchdown passes compared to four interceptions, and just as icing on the cake has 235 rushing yards on 42 carries.

The Jaguars looked fantastic at times with him as quarterback. At other times, it was clear they had a rookie running the show. However, it’s hard to say man negative things about Minshew’s play.

This is more about Foles. He was paid big money to be the team’s starter, and looked good in that very small sample size.

While it might not be the most popular decision, it is the right one. The Jaguars would be doing themselves a major disservice to not see what Foles can provide for them.

Minshew is likely still a big part of their future plans. It would not be surprising at all if he pushed Foles out of the starting position well before his contract is up. In fact, if things don’t go all that well for Foles in the upcoming weeks, we could still see more of Minshew in 2019.