Jaguars news: Doug Marrone claims the team is 'fighting for our jobs'
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Jaguars’ Doug Marrone claims the team is ‘fighting for our jobs’

Doug Marrone

The Jacksonville Jaguars are out of the playoff race, and frustration in Jaguars Nation is aplenty. There are questions about whether the team is still going in the right direction or they have to finally blow things up. However, head coach Doug Marrone clarified that the team is still fighting for the wins during the remaining games of the season.

According to John Reid of, Marrone insisted that the team is doing everything it can to not let the current state of things affect them. They are going to play the remaining three football games as if they’re still in contention for the playoffs.

″We’re all fighting for our jobs,″ Coach Doug Marrone said. ″ Everybody’s fighting to maintain, to try to stay in the league. Whether it’s players by doing a good job being able to perform so they can keep a job, or whether it be coaches doing a good job with their position group, or whether it be me trying to win football games. It’s a constant evaluation in this league. But I think it even gets more of a microscope when you’re not winning football games.”

Marrone is right to think that his neck is on the line during the next three games. They’re at the bottom of the AFC South with a 4-9 record, and this is about to be the second year that they’ll have a subpar losing record.

The Jaguars’ last three games of the season will be against the Oakland Raiders, Atlanta Falcons, and Indianapolis Colts. If he manages to win all of these games, he’ll manage to buy himself some time and find the right talent in the offseason to boost their chances. Should they perform poorly, he can say goodbye to his post as Jacksonville head coach.