It looks like the Jalen Ramsey trade saga will persist and make Jacksonville Jaguars fans paranoid for quite some time since the Jags apparently haven't found a trade that they feel is worth the talent they'll lose in Ramsey.

According to Ian Rapoport, the fact that they couldn't find a deal is actually a deliberate move in order to keep their man with the team as long as possible.

One of the reasons why they haven't found a suitable deal for the player is because of their outrageous asking price. Certain teams have reportedly offered high draft picks and quality players for the troubled corner, but the Jaguars won't budge.

It's unknown whether the team will actually find a team that wants him badly enough to give up the first-round picks the Jaguars are reportedly looking for. It's not like they're in a rush to sell him off, though.

It's no secret that the Jaguars want the cornerback to stay. They also know that one way to convince him is by giving him huge amounts of money. If they make him the highest-paid corner in the league, there's no reason why he shouldn't stay.

After all, the Jaguars will be losing a key man on defense if they do ship him off. Ramsey made five tackles and forced a fumble in their win over the Tennessee Titans. Finding a player with a good nose on defense is hard to find these days.

However, there's no guarantee that it will be smooth sailing if they do get him to stay, though. Ramsey and head coach Doug Marrone had a shouting match in Week 2, and it doesn't look like their feud is ending any time soon.

Fans will be keeping tabs on the situation. They will want to know if Ramsey actually stays with the team or finally gets his way.