Jaguars news: Jalen Ramsey on Titans loss: 'We got our ass beat'
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Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey on Titans loss: ‘We got our ass beat’

Jalen Ramsey

The Jacksonville Jaguars were flat-out embarrassed by the Tennessee Titans on Thursday. Cornerback Jalen Ramsey did not mince words about what went wrong afterward.

There were a number of issues that plagued the Jaguars. However, Ramsey was rather blunt about the team’s outing, via Phillip Heilman of the Florida Times-Union:

At least Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey shoots it straight: “We got our ass beat.”

There is certainly plenty of truth to Ramsey’s comments. Although the secondary managed to contain the passing game, the defense was no match for Tennessee’s rushing attack. Running back Derrick Henry enjoyed a spectacular performance that was capped by one of the greatest runs in NFL history. It is easy to see why Ramsey did not want to get into any specifics.

Perhaps even more disappointing about Jacksonville’s performance is that they had seemed to finally show some signs of life prior to the game. They managed to shut down a high-powered Indianapolis Colts’ offense in Week 13. There was hope that they would finally be returning to form. They had even gotten off to a promising start this game by registering a safety early on. Unfortunately, that was clearly not the case.

The Jaguars have now been officially eliminated from the playoffs. They have endured quite the fall from grace since squaring off with the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game just 10 months ago. It has now become evident that some major changes are on the way in Jacksonville. Of course, it remains to be seen whether or not Ramsey is a part of their long-term plans.