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Jaguars receivers get excuse at the expense of Trevor Lawrence for poor performance

Trevor Lawrence, Jaguars

The NFL is a brutal league, especially to rookies, and first-year quarterback Trevor Lawrence will find that one hard to deny after getting a taste of pro football over the past two weeks. The Jacksonville Jaguars rookie was tested mightily in the pocket by the team’s last two opponents. In fact, following the losses to the Houston Texans on the road in Week 1 and to the Denver Broncos at home in Week 2, Lawrence has posted the highest uncatchable pass attempts rate in the league.

That’s saying a lot about how bad it’s been so far for Lawrence, especially when considering that it was not that long ago when New York Jets rookie quarterback Zach Wilson got ripped apart with four interceptions in Week 2’s loss to the New England Patriots. To be fair though, Lawrence has a higher, albeit still bad, passer rating (57.1) to date than Wilson (56.1).

It also makes sense that the Jaguars’ starting quarterback will have such a rate that high. For one, the Jaguars have the highest pass play percentage in the league so far this season at 72.88 percent. The Jaguars played catch-up football for the most part of their past two games, leaving running back James Robinson with so little to do on the ground, thanks to his team always falling to a negative game script.

Will things get better for Lawrence and the Jaguars soon? Well, they have the undefeated Arizona Cardinals, who possess the eight-best pass defense, up next.