James Michael McAdoo takes a pay cut and resigns with the Warriors
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James Michael McAdoo takes a pay cut and resigns with the Warriors

Earlier today it was reported by Jeff Zillgitt that the Golden State Warriors have signed James Michael McAdoo to a one year deal for a league minimum of $980,431.

As previously reported, the acquisition of Kevin Durant resulted with the Warriors’ need to make adjustments to fit within their salary cap. Since then, Leandro Barbosa has agreed to a two-year $8 million deal with the Phoenix Suns, Marreese Speights has signed with the Los Angeles Clippers and Ian Clark has resigned with the Warriors.

Though McAdoo hasn’t been played much in his two years with the Warriors, his re-signing adds depth with the bigs. Yes they have David West and Zaza Pachulia, but Pachulia tends to be prone to injury and West may need a breather or two.

Most of McAdoo’s time on the court has come from garbage minutes averaging 6:22 minutes; however, Alec Nathan from Bleacher Report, states that “The 23-year-old McAdoo has hit the floor for only 56 regular-season games over the past two seasons…However, the North Carolina product has made the most of his limited action by posting an above-average player efficiency rating of 16.5 in his career to date.” In that time the power forward has averaged 2.9 points, 1.4 rebounds, 0.4 assists and 0.2 steals. Ian Smith, from Warriors World, reports that though McAdoo’s time has been limited, “For some added context of that productivity, he ranked 3rd on the team in points per 48 minutes, trailing only Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.”

McAdoo could probably establish himself as a routine player with another team, so why resign with a team that only gives you garbage minutes? Players are taking pay cuts for an opportunity to win a ring. Why would McAdoo leave the team that has already given him one ring and has three superstars that could mentor him and offer a very promising second ring?

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