March Madness isn't just a competition for the college basketball national title, but also a chance for top NBA Draft prospects to show what they've got for a national audience. One of the top prospects still in the tournament is Houston star freshman Jarace Walker. Averaging 11.1 points and 6.7 rebounds per game with amazing defensive skills, Walker is one of the premier prospects in the 2023 NBA Draft.

Many mock drafts have Walker going in the top 10, with some even having him in the top five. Measuring in at 6-foot-8 and 240 pounds, Walker shows tremendous potential at both ends of the court.

In this article, we'll take a look at Walker's strengths and weaknesses and discuss where his overall draft stock currently stands.

2023 NBA Draft profile for Houston star Jarace Walker


Let's start with Walker's most obvious strength: his size. Beyond his height and weight, the star forward also boasts an impressive 7-foot-2-inch wingspan. He also uses his size well in driving to the basket, grabbing rebounds, and much more.

Additionally, Walker is also a decent shooter for how big he is. This season, he is shooting 47.5% from the field and 34.7% from three-point range.That field goal percentage isn't just because of close-range shots, as he also has a solid midrange game. He has improved his offensive game throughout the season, and should only improve more with further development.

However, what really makes Walker such a strong prospect is his defensive skillset. That big frame comes in handy on the other end too, as he can effectively guard against any position. He takes advantage of that fact as well, frequently switching who he's defending over the course of a game. He has the potential to be a standout NBA defender right away, and still has plenty of room to grow.


Despite Walker having a well-rounded game overall, there are still some areas he can improve. For starters, his ball handling isn't the best and could become a bit of a liability at the professional level.

To a lesser extent, that sentiment can also apply to his passing. While he has shown the ability to make great passes, this aspect of his game isn't as consistent as some would like. If defenders swarm him, it may throw him off and force an errant pass.

While Walker is a solid enough shooter, he still has some work to do to realize his full potential in this aspect. One area where this is most obvious is at the free-throw line, as he has only made 63.5% of his attempts this season. This shouldn't be too hard to fix with some more development but is definitely something to consider.

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Overall, it's very hard to imagine Walker falling out of the top 10 in this draft. His strengths far outweigh his weaknesses, and he has a high floor with room to grow even further. He should be the first power forward off the board, and can even play center in a small-ball lineup.

At worst, Walker should be a strong rotational player who can stabilize a defense. At his best though, he could be a special player who excels at both ends of the court.