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Jayson Williams talks about Charles Barkley’s laziness in the ’90s

Former New Jersey Nets All-Star forward Jayson Williams recently spoke with Vice Sports to share a few stories about the NBA in the ’90s.

Williams played in the NBA for nine years, spending two of them playing for the Philadelphia 76ers.

One of the stories he highlighted was about former teammate Charles Barkley.

Everyone knows Barkley from the NBA on TNT, which airs on Thursday nights during the NBA regular season and throughout the playoffs. Barkley is known for not holding his tongue, and is he very opinionated. Chuck’s in the Hall of Fame, but he never won a championship during his time in the league.

Williams recalls in his interview that Barkley wasn’t a very good teammate. He says Barkley was one of the worst guys to be around as a rookie because he had so many bad habits.

According to Williams, Allen Iverson wasn’t the only Sixer who hated practice, because Barkley was the laziest teammate he ever had.

He was always late to practice, and even came in eating McDonalds on numerous occasions. He would ride an exercise bike while watching teammates practice, screaming profanities at them.

Williams says he saw Barkley practice three times in the two years he played in Philadelphia.

There are more stories that Williams shared about his time in Philadelphia, and you can listen to the rest here starting at around 14:05.

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