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Bojan Bogdanovic beats Donovan Mitchell to epic Jazz record never done before

Donovan Mitchell, Bojan Bogdanovic, Jazz

It’s probably a safe statement to make that Donovan Mitchell is the best perimeter scorer in the history of the Utah Jazz. Pete Maravich didn’t have a 3-point line, and while Karl Malone probably put up better raw numbers, he wasn’t as well-rounded as Mitchell is now (understandable as a power forward in the 90’s).

However, none of these three players have ever scored quite like Utah’s resident sniper, Bojan Bogdanovic did on Friday’s win against the dangerous Denver Nuggets. Why do we say sniper? Because Bogdanovic is the first player in Jazz history to score 45-plus points with 8-plus threes in a single night:

That’s right, folks. Not Donovan Mitchell, Jeff Horancek, John Stockton or Pete Maravich did that. Bojan Bogdanovic is the first Jazz player to ever reach these heights.

Sure enough, Mitchell was impressed by his Jazz teammate.

The 48 points is a career high for the veteran sniper, and he only got there because of his absurd efficiency scoring the ball on spot-up shots. Actually, this point total speaks to the level of the entire Jazz roster.

Role players can only reach these heights in hyper-efficient systems that have every teammate buying into the scheme. That the Jazz are able to do this with two legitimate stars on board, as well as a third All-Star (shoutout to Michael Conley Jr.), is a testament to the team’s trust in one another. It also addresses how they’ve managed to nab the top seed in the Western Conference.

They will need all of that firepower come playoff time, so Bogdanovic going off like this is a good sign. The West is as dangerous as ever, and new beasts in the East are emerging every year. Here’s to hoping that Bogdanovic can build on this big night to propel the Jazz forward to the ultimate prize in basketball.