Jazz news: Ricky Rubio, Joe Ingles exchange back-and-forth on Twitter
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Jazz news: Ricky Rubio, Joe Ingles exchange funny back-and-forth on Twitter

Joe Ingles

Despite only joining the Utah Jazz this summer, it already seems like Ricky Rubio is starting to form a strong bond with his new teammate, Joe Ingles.

The two had a funny back-and-forth on Twitter recently which started when the Australian wing proudly shared to his followers his delight upon seeing the team’s practice facility for the first time. That prompted Rubio to troll him by asking if it was big enough so they wouldn’t have to see each other daily.

From that point on, it escalated quickly, and the amount of hair on their heads became the topic.

The two are expected to play huge roles for the team this coming season. Now without George Hill, the Spanish international point guard becomes the undisputed starter. Ingles on the other hand, is in line for more minutes as Gordon Hayward is no longer part of the team.

What many do not know is that Rubio and Ingles go way back as they were teammates during their days with FC Barcelona, which could explain why they appear to be fond of each other. It may seem like only a playful exchange on social media, but it’s definitely a good sign for the Salt Lake City faithful that they are getting along well, as it could also be the same case on the court.