“Utah is in an interesting spot because I’ve heard for them, really, everyone is available aside from Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell.But that doesn’t mean they’re trying to just sell off everything and tank,” said O’Connor on The Ringer NBA Show podcast. “I think they’re just trying to reshuffle and get a mix together that they think positions themselves better this season and moving forward.”

The Jazz lost a massive asset once Gordon Hayward walked away and into the TD Garden this offseason, taking their very substance away this summer. Since, the Jazz have rebuilt around Gobert, but have come upon a gold mine in Mitchell, who has shown the poise to be more than just a three-and-D specialist in this league.

Mitchell is leading all rookies in scoring with 19.3 points per game — an average that took Hayward five years to finally reach.

Having an offensive and two defensive pillars to hold the fort, the Jazz feels that everyone else could be expendable, so long as the right offer comes along. If they get the right package from a team desperate to acquire one of their pieces, this front office might just strike gold once again in the upcoming draft.