New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers is constantly the topic of conversation, even during the offseason. The enigmatic superstar most recently made headlines for his “unexcused absences” during the Jets' minicamp, which caused a stir online.

Fellow New York star and teammate Sauce Gardner came to the legend's defense Friday, via X.

“Are y'all really making a big deal because a 15+ year HOF QB missed 2 days of practice after being with the team all throughout Phase 1, 2, & 3 of OTA's?? GG's,” he tweeted.

Jets head coach Robert Saleh had previously said that Rodgers skipped the practices for an event that was “important to him.” The 45-year-old cleared the air Wednesday, via the Associated Press's Dennis Waszak Jr.,

“I talked about it yesterday, but Aaron and I are on the exact same page,” Saleh said. “There’s no issue between Aaron — or his teammates, for that matter. So, like I said, we addressed it yesterday. It’s more of an issue for everyone outside the building than it is inside.”

Rodgers is subject to a $50,861 fine for missing both minicamp days.

With the future Hall-of-Famer being one of the most controversial figures in the league, everything he does gets heavily scrutinized. Did this story deserve to get blown up the way it did, or was this an overreaction to a minor offseason footnote?

Everyone will forget about this if Rodgers leads the Jets to glory

New York Jets QB Aaron Rodgers during the 2023 season opener.
© Danielle Parhizkaran / USA TODAY NETWORK

Part of the reason people were upset with Rodgers missing the minicamp was that he had previously said that the team needs to “cut out the bull***t and focus on winning.” Perhaps it would've been hypocritical if he had been absent the whole offseason, but he's been showing up the majority of the time, as Gardner and fellow cornerback D.J. Reed pointed out.

“He’s been here for the majority of practices that weren’t mandatory,” Reed said. “I think I saw something that said Coach said A.R. had something important he had to attend. That’s our quarterback and if it’s important to him, it’s important to us.”

The media tends to try its best to drum up controversy whenever possible, as that's what brings in the most traffic. In this case, though, with free agency and the draft wrapped up, football will be in a slow period until training camps begin. While two-day minicamps may seem like a big deal right now, that's only because the actual important events haven't occurred yet.

Rodgers and New York are preparing for a crucial campaign, as the current regime's job securities heavily depend on his right arm. The team added numerous pieces to the offense, especially up front, to ensure a more successful season than last year. With the Jets amid the longest North American sports playoff drought right now (13 years), they've never been in a more desperate position to win.

If Rodgers is still able to effectively operate the offense despite his advanced age, New York will most likely end its cursed run of futility. Jets fans will be collectively holding their breath until they see their savior last longer than four plays this time around.