Josh Hart is coming off of a great first season with the New York Knicks. After being dealt at the deadline to New York, Hard immediately endeared himself to Knicks faithful with his timely playmaking and hustle on the floor. He had a solid postseason as well, although it wasn't enough to help the Knicks move passed the Miami Heat. Hart has now focused on NBA free agency where he has opted out of his current contract; he has made it clear that he loves New York and would love to remain with the Knicks, but Hart will be testing the waters to see what is the best fit. As of right now, the best fits for Josh Hart in NBA free agency are staying with the Knicks, or signing with the Miami Heat or Memphis Grizzlies.

It looks like Josh Hart staying with the New York Knicks is a likely possibility; Hart's desired interest to stay has been reciprocated by the Knicks desire to retain him, so it will now just depend on if the Knicks can give him the money he wants. If not, both the Miami Heat and the Memphis Grizzlies would be very intriguing options for Hart. All three are going to be potential contenders in the near future and would give Hart the ability to play a key role in helping them win games. Josh Hart has shown that he is the type of player that winning teams want, so all three organizations are certainly going to have conversations with him in NBA free agency. Nevertheless, here is why staying with the Knicks or shipping off to the Heat or Grizzlies are the three best options for Josh Hart in NBA free agency.

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1. New York Knicks

Josh Hart made sense on the Knicks this season. He played huge minutes both off the bench and in the starting lineup, and plays a style of basketball that New York fans love. He can hit the three-point shot when he needs to, consequently shooting the best mark of his career from beyond the arc after becoming a Knick. However, what makes him so likable for Knicks fans is his defense and affinity to make hustle plays that will energize Madison Square Garden. This was the Knicks most successful season in quite some time and they have a bright future ahead of them; keeping Josh Hart would go a long way in sustaining that future.

Not only is staying with the Knicks a good idea, but staying with Jalen Brunson just makes sense for Josh Hart. The two are best friends dating back to their college days at Villanova, so there is no doubt that the two would want to continue playing together. Their chemistry was clear on the court this season, and now they will have a full off-season together with all of their teammates preparing for next season with high expectations. Thus, not only are the New York Knicks the likely spot that Josh Hart ends up, but it is also a really good spot for him to stay.

2. Miami Heat

Like the New York Knicks, the Miami Heat match the style of basketball that Josh Hart plays. However, the Heat might actually be more similar to Josh Hart in a lot of ways. Everything about the Heat culture is discipline and doing whatever is possible at all times to ensure what is best for the team. This includes never taking a play off and never giving up regardless of the score. For Josh Hart, this mimics exactly who he is as a basketball player. He would fit in seamlessly within the system that the Heat have created, and his ability to adapt would allow him to play virtually any role for Miami. If the Knicks don't work out, Hart should highly consider the Miami Heat in NBA free agency.

The Heat also make sense because Hart has no problem starting or coming off of the bench. He plays a similar position to Jimmy Butler, so he would be the perfect guy to give him spells off the bench; not to mention, the two are so unselfish but skilled enough that they would most likely play very well on the court together. In general, Josh Hart just feels like the type of player that the Miami Heat would covet, and it would make a lot of sense for the two parties to sit down and talk during NBA free agency.

1. Memphis Grizzlies

The Grizzlies are a great destination for Josh Hart more so from the perspective of the Grizzlies. Memphis had some major behavioral and cultural issues this year, problems that were spurred by the youth on their roster that got a little too big for their britches. This led to the pending departure of Dillon Brooks, and subsequently the loss of a defensive stopper and grinder. Josh Hart could come in and fill this role while being a smart, veteran presence that would help the Grizzlies stay on track. If the Grizzlies are serious about their young core, bringing in a guy like Josh Hart would pay dividends.

In general, Ja Morant needs more guidance in Memphis if he is going to succeed with the Grizzlies. Josh Hart would be the perfect player to come in and take Morant under his wing as a veteran guard with a smart mind to back him up. Hart could be the player that the Grizzlies were missing this postseason that would hold everyone accountable and never take a play off. When NBA free agency gets going this off-season, the Grizzlies need to find a way to sit down with Josh Hart.