Julian Edelman had quite the career on the NFL gridiron, although he has made some headlines with his dating history as well. In fact, he once dated San Francisco 49ers legend Jerry Rice's daughter when they were growing up together; during this relationship, he used to do this one thing that Rice might not be too happy about, via Fubo Sports.

“Little punk, little kid coming into the house, thinking he is dating the daughter and stuff. But, I'll tell you one thing, when Jerry wasn't there, I was putting on his Super Bowl rings and everything.”

Julian Edelman talks about how he was terrified of Jerry Rice from the first time he met him and barely spoke to him whenever he would go over to the Rice household. He then details that when Rice wasn't home, Edelman mustered the courage to try on his Super Bowl rings.

It is quite the reveal from Edelman, one that Rice might do a double-take at when he hears it. In reality Jerry Rice has shown to be a stand-up individual and he most likely would find this just as funny as Edelman does. In fact, he might even be able to take credit for giving Edelman the motivation to blossom into the player he became and win some Super Bowl rings for himself.

One thing is for certain, both Julian Edelman and Jerry Rice had incredible NFL careers. Regardless of any past history between the two, there is undoubtedly a healthy amount of respect between the legendary wide receivers.