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Kevin Durant compares Madison Square Garden to an indoor Rucker Park


Kevin Durant knows the allure at playing in the mecca of basketball, in front of the bright lights of Madison Square Garden, as the Golden State Warriors take on the New York Knicks tonight. The two-time Finals MVP recently compared the renowned arena to an indoor Rucker Park, another legendary staple of The Big Apple.

“The Garden is like a playground with walls,” said Durant. “You walk outside and you’re right on the street. It feels like you’re playing at Rucker Park indoors.”

Durant has made plenty of memories at The Rucker, including dropping a 66-point gem that still stands as legend in the asphalt he once walked, dribbled and dunked on back in 2011 in front of Harlem’s finest.

That same allure is one that can potentially draw Durant to play for the Knicks, shall he decide to cut short his stint with the Warriors after this summer.

Durant has been noncommittal to a return thus far and the Knicks have already pounced on that fact, cutting down on their payroll and saving enough cap space to make a big for his services once the offseason comes around.

Others in New York have taken notice as well, as a billboard recently went up near MSG, highlighting Durant and franchise star Kristaps Porzingis along with the Larry O’Brien trophy. Durant was unimpressed with the billboard, but it only goes to show how early cities are campaigning for his services, only a handful of games into the regular season.