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Kevin Hart working on documentary based on wild Bishop Sycamore story

Kevin Hart, Bishop Sycamore

ESPN was absolutely finessed last weekend by Bishop Sycamore, who somehow fizzled their way into playing on national television against high school football powerhouse, IMG Academy and got absolutely blown out. It’s believed the program isn’t even legitimate and it was also revealed they played another game just two days before taking on IMG. Well, it appears this whole debacle caught the eye of Kevin Hart, who is already working on a documentary regarding this insane situation.

Bishop Sycamore apparently posted a Go Fund Me a week before playing on ESPN to fund the whole idea. They also used different players in both games. The announcers on the network during the game also blasted the program because there was literally no proof of any division one commits on their roster. But, that’s just the start. They aren’t even registered in the Ohio school system, have a blank website, and don’t even have an actual building for their high school. Bishop Sycamore fired their coach this week as well, but it’s not like that was much of a surprise after all of this.

Nevertheless, Kevin Hart is clearly intrigued by Bishop Sycamore and clearly, he will have no shortage of material to work with when it’s all said and done. This should be an interesting documentary to watch.