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Kings coach Dave Joerger suggests Marvin Bagley III could be the next Kevin Durant

Dave Joerger, Marvin Bagley III, Kings, Kevin Durant, Warriors

After some controversial comments about Dallas Mavericks rookie Luka Doncic that seemingly took a shot at Marvin Bagley III, Sacramento Kings head coach Dave Joerger came out and said nobody is going to care about these statements five years down the road when Bagley is an All-Star and the next Kevin Durant.

Per James Ham of NBC Sports Bay Area, Joerger recalled the time when the Kings drafted Bagley second overall in the 2018 NBA Draft. Joerger and the Kings’ front office knew that they picked someone special — someone who would be a perfect fit to their existing squad. He strongly believes that Bagley will turn into an All-Star someday, much like Durant.

“When we drafted Marvin at two, we were high-fiving like crazy. We got the right guy for us and where we’re going to be. This isn’t going to be a story in three days and it will definitely be buried five years from now when we have the next (Kevin) Durant, (Russell) Westbrook, because that’s how good they are going to be. They are both going to be in the All-Star game and we’re going to be deep in the playoffs and I’m excited about that. I like where we are and love we’re going.”

Through 26 games, the 19-year-old Bagley is averaging 12.7 points on 53.6 percent from the field, 6.1 rebounds, and a block in 23.1 minutes per game. As always, consistency is still a problem for young players like him. But slowly and surely, Bagley is learning more and more about the game. Right now, he’s expected to be out for 10-14 days due to a knee injury. Once he returns, we better believe he’ll continue his path to being an elite player.