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Vince Carter’s post-game reaction to Patrick McCaw’s scary in-air collision

Vince Carter

With 41.8 seconds left in the 3rd quarter, there was an unfortunate sight at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento as Vince Carter unintentionally bumped into Patrick McCaw, who was cutting to the hoop for a layup from Jordan Bell.

This bump caused McCaw to lose balance and he had a horrific encounter with the floor. Vince Carter was thoroughly distraught by the incident, which was apparent at many times during the game including taking part in a prayer with the Warriors, an in-game hug with Kevin Durant, and ultimately his post-game comments to the media after the game:

Vince Carter has never been a dirty player in his illustrious career and his apologetic manner (as seen numerous times after the freak incident) speaks for itself.