Quarterback Stetson Bennett was seen puking on the field in Georgia football's matchup with South Carolina on Saturday. The Bulldogs are handling their business against South Carolina, but everybody wanted to know why Bennett was throwing up during the game. Georgia football head coach Kirby Smart revealed the reason, per Kipp Adams.

“He (Bennett) hydrated too much,” Smart said.

Yikes. Nevertheless, Georgia is up 31-0 as of this story's publication. Stetson Bennett has already tallied a pair of touchdowns to go along with over 240 yards passing. He's been efficient as well, going 14-21 through the air. Despite feeling under the weather, the Georgia football QB has performed admirably.

The Bulldogs are the No. 1 team in college football following their strong beginning to the season. But Kirby Smart does not want them to get overconfident. In fact, he believes the team had not found their identity through their first two games. Smart explained how this matchup with South Carolina, Georgia's first road game of the season, will help Stetson Bennett and Bulldogs to find their identity.

“I don’t think we’ve gained enough true identity of who we are,” Smart said. “You find that out when you go on the road. This is one of our first maturity, composure tests that we’re going to have.”

Smart has to be impressed with Georgia football's output so far against South Carolina. And credit needs to be given to Stetson Bennett for playing well despite the circumstances. The Bulldogs will look to put the finishing touches on a quality performance in the second half.