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Klay Thompson: ‘I’m not going to panic; playing like crap’

Klay Thompson, warriors
Larry W. Smith/EPA

The Golden State Warriors are struggling to figure out how to win with their new team, but that shouldn’t be a surprise considering the history of free agency.

Once a team changes dramatically to add a superstar to the roster, it takes awhile before that team figures out how it works best.

There have been some surprising events in the meantime. During Friday night’s blowout loss against the Los Angeles Lakers, MVP Stephen Curry didn’t make a single three-pointer.

That ended his streak of 157 regular season games with a made three-pointer which spans back to 2014.

It wasn’t all of the Lakers defense either. The Warriors missed a bunch of wide open shots which was in the least bit frustrating.

Coach Steve Kerr called it the loss to the team that just has their number on the road. It was eerily similar to the blowout loss last season at Staples center.

While Curry missed all of his three-pointers, Klay Thompson made two of his 10 threes continuing his slump this season.

Thompson is averaging 15.8 points, 2.7 assists, and 3.2 rebounds per game. He is however only shooting 9-46 from beyond the arc this season.

His shots were flat, and it has been a problem for him through six games. Thompson has not been able to get into any kind of rhythm, but he won’t stop shooting.

In fact, Thompson insists that now is not the time to hit the panic button.

Not making shots. I’m not going to panic, playing like crap. It’s November so I’m not going to panic. I had a bad start last year, too. That’s all I got for you.

The bad news is, the splash brothers don’t look quite like themselves right now and they’re going to have to figure things out quickly.

The good news is Kevin Durant is fitting in with the team seamlessly, whether it’s ball movement, scoring, or defense.

Considering the Warriors are 4-2 with two of their best players playing like aberrations spells trouble for the league when they do figure it out.

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