Warriors news: Klay Thompson once accidentally caught shark while fishing in Bay Area
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Klay Thompson once accidentally caught shark while fishing in Bay Area

Klay Thompson, Warriors

Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson is a special talent. While not the superstar that Kevin Durant or Stephen Curry happen to be, he’s as important to Steve Kerr’s roster as Draymond Green, even if he’s usually reserved for some fun jokes on social media.

That being said, the jokes are all fire. They are mostly lighthearted and not all that evil. Easy to consume, without the bitter taste — you know, like Mr. Pibb. Eh, I digress.

Good thing the jokes are light in nature, especially since a nice story on him came out on The Athletic.

There appears to be more jokes headed his way.

In the story by The Athletic, Ethan Strauss mentions how Klay Thompson once accidentally caught a shark, asked the talented guard about it, then received a shoulder shrug in return for his troubles.

From this must-read story:

Such is Klay, a man of few words and fewer concerns. He once accidentally caught a shark when fishing in the East Bay. When asked about this, he shrugs. His is a productive myopia that somehow morphed into charisma, a persona enjoyed by an outside world Klay’s largely oblivious to. That apathy about the outside is what comes through and resonates. Fans care about Klay because Klay doesn’t care. But they also love that he cares about the game. He’s transparently blasé about a lifestyle many dream of, while also so deeply loving what it revolves around.

You should really read the entire story, as it provides great insight on Thompson and how he can compartmentalize certain things within his life. It’s behind a paywall, but if you’re not yet subscribing, Strauss alone is worth the price of entry.

Nevertheless, Thompson and the Warriors appear to be inching toward yet another title.