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Knicks SG Evan Fournier gets brutally honest on getting benched in fourth quarters

Knicks Evan Fournier

Knicks Evan Fournier got real with the media when asked about his lack of fourth quarter minutes. Knicks Videos Twitter account posted a media interview with Fournier, where he shares his view on his playing time.

“When you’re not in the fourth quarter rotation does coach come up to you and say ‘Hey this is what we’re doing’?” a reporter asked Fournier. He immediately shut it down, saying there is no conversation, and he doesn’t need it as a veteran player.

“It’s okay, like, my feelings won’t get hurt. Like I want, you know, the team to play well. I want to play well,” Fournier said.

The Knicks shooting guard also took accountability, saying that when he doesn’t play well, “it’s fine,” that he is benched. “I have to do better,” he said about those situations.

Fournier has started in all 15 games so far this season for the Knicks, averaging 12.2 points, 1.9 assists and 3.1 rebounds each game. He also averages 28.3 minutes each game, which recently, haven’t been in the fourth quarter.

He also recognized his “very inconsistent” gameplay so far this season, which could easily be a direct tie to the NBA vet’s lack of minutes late in the game.

Fournier correlated his lack of consistency to that of the team which he says has had “really good games” and “bad games.” The Knicks are currently just above 0.500 with a record of 8-7.