Last week, Jalen Brunson ended up unfollowing New York Knicks teammate Josh Hart on Twitter. This was after Hart came out with a general question if dads out there had tried their partner's breast milk. Hart, who recently became a first-time dad, did say that he was asking for a friend, but clearly, Jalen Brunson wasn't buying it.

This subject matter was once again raised when Brunson was randomly asked if he was willing to try Josh's “secret stuff.” The Knicks star's hilarious response makes his thoughts on this issue abundantly clear:

I would rather get curb stomped tbh @joshhart,” Brunson said in his tweet. 

I'm not sure if Brunson had already followed Hart back on Twitter, but what I can say with certainty is that he's completely disgusted by Jsh Hart's breastmilk antics. We don't know if Hart actually tried his wife's breast milk, but the fact that he even suggested it has totally grossed his Knicks teammate out.

At the end of the day, this is all in good fun — well at least I think it is. Brunson and Hart go way back from their Villanova days and they have revived their partnership now that they're both in New York. Hart played a key role for the Knicks in their NBA Playoffs run this season, and more of the same will be expected from him, Brunson, and the rest of the squad next season. Josh Hart just better make sure not to bring any of his secret stuff to the locker room.