In a shocking turn of events, England and Manchester City star Kyle Walker has once again found himself in the headlines for personal reasons. The 33-year-old defender has been dumped by his long-suffering wife, Annie, marking the latest chapter in a tumultuous relationship marred by infidelity and scandal.

Annie, Walker's wife, took to social media to address the growing media speculation surrounding their marriage. In a poignant online statement, she said, “After many years of marriage and three wonderful children, I have decided to take some time away from Kyle. I do not wish to comment on the position any further. For now, I ask that the privacy of myself and our three young children be respected during this difficult time.”

Kyle Walker wife

This split comes on the heels of a series of sex scandals involving the Three Lions full-back, who recently captained his country for the first time in November. The couple's journey began in their hometown of Sheffield when Annie was just 15 and Kyle was 17. However, controversies emerged after Walker's high-profile £50 million move to Manchester City in 2017.

Annie had previously kicked him out in 2019 after allegations of infidelity with reality TV star Laura Brown surfaced. Despite taking him back, their relationship faced further challenges when Walker revealed his involvement with Instagram influencer Lauryn Goodman, leading to another separation.

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The couple, parents to three young children, experienced a rollercoaster of emotions, including a brief reunion despite Walker breaching lockdown rules for an infamous encounter with two escorts. Walker's public persona took another hit when CCTV footage captured him exposing himself in a bar and engaging in inappropriate behavior.

As the media frenzy surrounding Kyle Walker's personal life continues, Annie's plea for privacy underscores the toll these scandals have taken on her and their children. The football star's off-field antics are once again in the spotlight, leaving fans and followers questioning the future of one of England's most prominent defenders.