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Is Anthony Davis-Dwight Howard fight cause for panic in Laker land?

Dwight Howard Anthony Davis Lakers fight LeBron James

After their opening day loss to the Golden State Warriors, the Los Angeles Lakers played their first home game against the defending Western Conference Champions Phoenix Suns.

The Lakers got off to a decent start, but the Suns went on a spurt in the second quarter to increase the lead to double digits. As tensions started to intensify in the timeout of the Lakers, Dwight Howard and Anthony Davis got into a heated argument in the bench.

Before their scuffle, Howard committed unnecessary fouls and lapses on both sides of the floor that caused the Suns to build up on their lead. Frustrations started to mount for LA as the mild-mannered Davis would not usually respond or react vocally to any of his teammates or opponents.

Davis may have been exhausted and tired with all of Howard’s shenanigans as he shoved him in the middle of their verbal altercation. Their argument continued for several seconds before teammates stepped up to separate them.


It is just the second game of the championship contending Lakers franchise, but there is already turmoil and issues surrounding the squad. Howard is known to be a player that brings a ton of positive characteristics to a team, but he also commits numerous technical fouls and subpar decision-making on some instances. Could a possible reason for the altercation involve Howard not being included in the Top 75 list of best NBA players ever? Davis was surprisingly included despite just nine full seasons under his belt.

Teammates are known to challenge and motivate each other during practice or in the dugout even if there are curse words involved in the discussion. However, the communication should not involve shoving or pushing because these could get heated and increase the problems with the team.

The Lakers are staring down at a 0-2 hole to start the season. To add insult to injury, there was a circumstance in the game wherein LeBron James decided not to go down on offense after a sensational block on Cam Johnson.

The body language speaks volumes right now and the chemistry is glaringly missing for the Lakers in the first two games. Since it is early in the season, they could still rectify this situation and start piling up wins for LA.

The growing pains were expected from this Lakers squad so there’s no huge reason to panic just yet. But these internal problems and on-court issues won’t go away without the players and coaching staff figuring out how to resolve them.

There’s still plenty of time to turn things around. Anthony Davis, Dwight Howard, and the rest of the Lakers just need to make sure that the turbulence doesn’t break them while they try to do it.