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VIDEO: Lakers’ Alex Caruso saves LeBron James’ blunder with epic chase-down block

Lakers, Alex Caruso, LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers guard Alex Caruso busted out his best LeBron James impersonation with an epic chase-down block during Tuesday night’s matchup against the Minnesota Timberwolves. The icing on top of the cake for the Carushow here is that his tremendous defensive effort served to save none other than LeBron himself from a blunder of a turnover at the other end of the floor.

Here’s a look at Caruso showing off his jumping prowess yet again (h/t Bleacher Report on Twitter):

Caruso timed his jump perfectly and it resulted in an awe-inspiring chase-down block. We’re pretty sure LeBron himself was impressed with that effort. These are the type of plays we expect to see on the highlight reel several times over.

Caruso is far from the best player on the Lakers — he’s the team’s second-string point guard behind starter Dennis Schroder. However, it is exactly these types of plays that make Caruso such a crowd-favorite. So much so, that the 26-year-old forced his way to the Top 10 among Western Conference guards in the most recent All-Star fan votes return.

There’s no way Caruso is going to make the All-Star squad this season (and likely never in his entire career), but there are more than a few folks out there who would argue that he deserves the recognition. He may be a cult favorite, but based on what we’ve seen from him this season, Caruso is an undeniably important piece to the puzzle in the Lakers’ quest for back-to-back titles.