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Lakers star Anthony Davis finds a cutting LeBron James for aggressive slam vs. Bucks

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After being on the receiving end of two highlight-reel plays by the Milwaukee Bucks, LeBron James decided to answer back. Though he is known for his ability to command the offense and work in isolation, James demonstrated his off-ball skills, cutting and scoring with a ferocious dunk off a dime from Los Angeles Lakers teammate Anthony Davis.

While he may have been aiming for payback against Giannis and Jrue Holiday, it was the rim that bore the brunt of the Lakers superstar’s aggression.

Failing to get space after facing up Giannis Antetokounmpo on the left block, Davis reversed the action by attempting to back down the Bucks big man. Hoping to get into the interior, the Lakers forward watched as Milwaukee tried to spring a trap with Jrue Holiday dropping from his position along the arc to help Giannis quarrel him.

However, before the guard could get into position, LeBron used the split-second of indecision by Holiday to come flying into the lane on a hard cut to the basket.

Recognizing the bail-out before the Bucks did, Davis dropped a picture-perfect bounce pass to James, who promptly scooped it up and finished with a two-handed slam.

Not only did the dunk narrow the Bucks’ lead to a mere two points, but it also proved to be the catalyst for a Lakers’ run that capitulated them into a six-point lead at halftime.  Should he continue attacking, it’s likely that won’t be the last we hear from James tonight.