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Lakers’ Anthony Davis reveals why he won’t wear social injustice message

Anthony Davis, Lakers

The NBA restart won’t officially begin until scrimmages get underway on July 22, leading up to the eight seeding games that all 22 teams will play starting on July 30. The Los Angeles Lakers will play a major role in that restart as they’ll play in arguably the most anticipated matchup when going head-to-head against Kawhi Leonard’s L.A. Clippers on the 30th.

When the Lakers do eventually take the floor, players will be able to display a message on the back of their jerseys with only a limited number of options at their disposal. JaVale McGee has already decided to go with “Respect Us” as his message against social injustice, but Anthony Davis, much like LeBron James, has chosen to go simply with his last name.

On Sunday, Davis spoke to the media about his decision to go with “Davis” on the back of his jersey rather than a message to combat social injustice.

“I think just for me, I think the name Davis is something that I try to represent every time I step on the floor,” Davis said. “My family. I was kind of torn between the two. I didn’t know what to decide. Should I go with a social injustice message, or should I have my last name? I just think my last name is something that is very important to me. Also, social injustice as well, but just holding my family name to represent the name on the back to go through this process and a name and people that been with me through my entire career to help me get to this point while still kind of figuring out things that we can do for social injustice.”

LeBron was the first to reveal his intentions to stick with his last name while playing in the NBA bubble during his Zoom call on Saturday. It appears both superstars are content with their decision and what to do their part in other ways, as Davis points out.

“Some guys chose to, and some guys chose not, but we’ll have a ton of ways to kind of represent what we stand for,” Davis said.

It’ll be interesting to see if James and Davis aren’t the only players choosing not to display a message on the back of their jerseys. Only a handful of players have revealed their intentions and what their jerseys will as the NBA bubble experience gets underway in Orlando, Florida.