Lakers news: Dwyane Wade reacts to LeBron James' ferocious dunk vs. Kings
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Dwyane Wade reacts to LeBron James’ ferocious dunk during Lakers vs. Kings

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The Los Angeles Lakers managed to sneak a win past the competitive Sacramento Kings, thanks to LeBron James’ outstanding play. He finished with 29 points, four rebounds, 11 assists, and three steals — an MVP-like stat line that will wow everyone in the league.

However, the main talking point among NBA fans was the ridiculous slam LBJ rained down on Kings forward Nemanja Bjelica. The way James elevated and slammed the ball with authority sent shivers throughout Staples Center.

It was so great a dunk that even Dwyane Wade couldn’t help but react to what his best friend did to the young man.

Like most of us, Wade couldn’t help but be impressed with how well James has been playing during the twilight years of his career. He’s still one of the Lakers’ top scoring options despite being in the league for 17 seasons now. It’s a testament to how well James has taken care of his body.

However, it’s not like Wade didn’t see this coming from a mile away. He predicted during NBA 2K20’s launch party that LeBron will continue to defy expectations. The amount of time LeBron dedicates to taking care of his body is so incredible that it is borderline obsessive.

His scoring has slowed down by quite a bit this season at 23.9 points a night. However, he is still snatching eight boards on a regular basis. He’s also leading the league in assists with 11. He’s continuously finding ways of remaining relevant in the league, and his graceful aging has impressed many a basketball fan.

Lakers fans hope that they can win the Larry O’Brien trophy while they still have James under contract.