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J.R. Smith’s comment on LeBron James’ post has people calling him Delonte West

LeBron James, Lakers, J.R. Smith, Cavs

LeBron James’ former Cavs teammate J.R. Smith made his rounds on social media, commenting a friendly “Hey mama” in the Lakers forward’s mother-appreciation Instagram post. It wouldn’t take too long until some other commenters took that as more than just friendly, instantly bringing up memories of another of James’ former Cleveland Cavaliers teammates — Delonte West.

For anyone that started watching basketball this century, Delonte West’s rumor is well-storied. The former NBA guard was rumored to have slept with James’ mother; Gloria James, which reportedly had a lasting effect on his performance in the Eastern Conference semifinals, losing to the Boston Celtics.

LeBron James had shot a blistering 54.1 percent from the field in the first three games of the series, as the Cavs took up a 2-1 lead, but shot only a miserable 34 percent in the last three, losing every game from that point — and this time there was no cast on his hand to give him the excuse.

Though the possibility of Smith possibly romancing is unlikely, he wouldn’t have to do the West maneuver to rattle the King’s cage, as he did so all on his own by a late Game 1 blunder that ultimately costed them the series in sweep-like fashion.