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Jordan Clarkson, Bella Hadid are confused about reports of hookup

jordan clarkson, lakers

NBA hookup rumors are one of the most transcendent traits of the contemporary media. Whether they are true or not, media outlets flush stories and rumors that players are dating other celebrities or models. For Jordan Clarkson of the Los Angeles Lakers, he must surely be used to the limelight he receives.

He plays in one of the most well-known cities in the world, where the media frenzy to gather stories based on the socks players wear to the dinner that they eat every two weeks. However, it is interesting that even Clarkson is surprised about his recently reported hookup with Bella Hadid.

On Perez Hilton’s personal Twitter account, it was reported that Clarkson and Hadid were seeing each other. Apparently, the latter didn’t feel the same way.

Models experience similar constant rumors just like NBA stars do, but this reply by Hadid herself immediately shuts down the claim, which is often embarrassing for a media representative. Clarkson must have been using social media at a similar time because he had his own hilarious comment about rumors of him dating Hadid.

These two tweets were sent out at different times, but it’s hardly a coincidence of what the Lakers guard was referring to. Usually NBA players and models ignore rumors, but this rare instance proves that the celebrities themselves are the only primary sources.

Currently, Clarkson is averaging 13.9 points, 2.7 rebounds, and 3.0 assists in 22.9 minutes per game. He has proven to be a reliable role player for the Lakers as they try to develop into a postseason-contending team.

Hopefully, these rumors don’t distract both celebrities from doing their jobs moving forward. Apparently, both of these people didn’t even know they were dating each other.